LOT or Likoké on Tour is our latest project in which we basically take our concept on a world tour.
As a music band would take on a world tour to promote their latest album we are going on a world tour
with our team to introduce our restaurant to the world.

The original idea was to take our Spirit and bring it back to its roots in Afrika.
It's no longer a secret, that our restaurant is a tribute to Chef's Father who lived in Belgian Congo, where he grew coffee.
That is where he was nicknamed Likoké after a smart fish swimming in the Congolese waters.

We have a long journey ahead with multiple stops starting in Kortrijk (BE) where our Chef was born.
Afterwards we will make a little detour through Asia where our concept will be introduced to Asia's best Restaurants and Chefs through various 4 hands sessions. 

Finally the spirit will return to where it all began: Africa.


Lik Okay In Kortrijk

From october 17th until november 25th

Our first stop is Kortrijk, the city where our Chef Piet was Born.
You will find us at the Guldenspoor estate from Tuesday to Saturday open lunch and dinner.

We offer one single choice menu at the price of 135€ per person, with a possibility for a wine pairing for 65€ per person.
We also have a small winelist.

Tel nr: +32 493 82 58 76 (starting october)

Likok'A Likoké in Asia

Restaurant La Cime, Japan // Hotel Viceroy, Bali // Restaurant Andre Singapore

The Asia Tour is a series of 4 hands sessions with the best restaurants and chefs.

La Cime** - Osaka: 6th of December
Restaurant Cascades - Hotel Viceroy - Bali: 10th of December 
Restaurant Andre - Singapore - 15th of December


Likoké Hits the Cape!

March 1st 2018 until March 15th 2018

Our last stop in Africa is also the most important because this is where we deliver Likoké's spirit back to where it belongs. More than 50 years after it's birth we take the spirit back to where it all started.

Located in between the endless mountains and vineyards of Franschhoek, "The Conservatory" has been chosen to host our concept where it will be introduced to South Africa's Culinary Mecca.

Tel nr: +27 71 365 9612